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Interruption WIP by blomn Interruption WIP :iconblomn:blomn 2 5 Shuuka Christmas V.2 by blomn Shuuka Christmas V.2 :iconblomn:blomn 5 2 Shuuka Christmas by blomn Shuuka Christmas :iconblomn:blomn 4 11
      "May, do you like Mr. Drew?"
      May jumped. "What?"
      Her younger companion sighed. "Mr. Drew likes you. You should feel honored and like him back."
      "Brianna, I can't force myself to like someone."
      "So, I can have every bit of his body to myself, even his--"
      Brianna eyed the blushing brunette quietly. "May, I'm so lost. Do you like Mr. Drew or not?"
      May looked away, her cheeks reddening. "L-like Drew? I don't know! I've never really given it much thought..."
      The younger girl rolled her eyes. "Okay, let's put it this way: Are you okay with Mr. Drew making love to me?"
      "You're crazy! He's 17, and you're only, what, 12?"
      Brianna's teal eyes automatically went into dreamy mode from the thought of her idol. "Age doesn't have anything to do with how much you love someone, May."
      "You're too young for him. In fact, you shouldn't even know what it means for Drew to make love to someone!"
      "For me to make love to
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Chibi: Rose by blomn Chibi: Rose :iconblomn:blomn 14 4 My New Oc: Hunter by blomn My New Oc: Hunter :iconblomn:blomn 12 28 Siamese cat icon by blomn Siamese cat icon :iconblomn:blomn 2 1 Shadow of the night by blomn Shadow of the night :iconblomn:blomn 1 0
     I ran through the woods. Tears cascaded down my cheeks as a fire siren rung in my ears. I couldn't believe it. I'd been having the time of my life at my birthday party and I went over to our neighbor's house to ask for some sugar. I turned around to head back and saw flames licking the sky as they ate my house. My neighbor tried to comfort me as I cried.
     My best friend, Ash, had told me that I was not alone. Yeah right. I'd already lost my twin brother when a drunk driver drove into him, so Ash had promised that he'd protect me forever. I'd thought he meant on Earth, beside me.
     I didn't look where I was going and collided with a huge brown furry object. "I'm sor-" I started, but the figure growled at me. I looked up quietly. Sharp teeth and eyes as dark as the night. Just my luck to run into an Ursaring in a scary forest! I turned around and sprinted away. A roar shook the woods as the Ursaring ga
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New Women of the Bible Challenge List
I challenged myself sometime in 2010 to write a poem for every woman in the Bible I could think of. The list of ladies grew from 45 to 100 to (at the moment) 118. I'm sure it will still grow in the next months / years, since I keep stumbling upon more women hidden in the Bible. :)
I can only highly recommend this. It makes you learn so much!
The way I write is generally from the women's point of view, which means I put myself in their shoes for a while and imagine how they saw the situation. Particularly complex if it's about one of the "evil" ladies. But can we divide between "good guys" and "bad guys"? I think we can learn a lot about people, and about what it means to be a woman, and about what it means to be saved and to do God's will, by looking at their stories and imagining what we would feel in their situation, or how they might have felt.
It makes you look at their stories from a different angle, identify with them in a new way, and maybe even understand the Bible better. In p
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Good Enough
You're the kid in the classroom always getting put down
You're the person working overtime, living in the wrong part of town
You don't have the best style society claims you need
One more bad word and you know your heart will bleed
Stories full of pain and teardrops in the rain
Let me tell you you're so beautiful, like lightning upon the plain
You may never be good enough for society
But when did you stop being good enough for God?
If you're good enough for Him you're good enough for me
And I don't listen to others because they're so wrong
You're incredible, irreplacable, my sibling sent from God
I may never know your face but know I love you and know your heart
You're the one who eats too little, or the one that eats too much
You're the one they have forgotten, you're the one they like to hurt
You may not have what others do, those things you'll never need
I understand you're drowning in a world so full of greed
Stories full of pain and teardrops in the rain
Let me tell you y
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John1:1 by DsyneGrafix John1:1 :icondsynegrafix:DsyneGrafix 22 3



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i'm ally. i like sunsets and matty healy. hello.


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